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Meet Renata


My experience with grief completely changed my life

My journey of transformation began when I lost my mother at the age of twenty-six. As I observed the profound pain and grief engulfing my loved ones in the aftermath of my mother’s passing and witnessed the broader world also ensnared in this collective suffering, I embarked on a journey of introspection. I sought to understand why, despite having undergone the same experience, I did not find myself confined within the same prison of suffering as those around me. 


As I chose to see grief from a higher perspective, I became free from suffering

I delved deeper into the themes of loss and grief, drawing from both my personal journey and our collective experiences. I came to the realization that the conventional methods we’ve devised to navigate these challenges are fundamentally flawed. 

What I learned from my own experience with grief is that, in its most pure and sacred expression, it can serve as the necessary darkness required to expand our awareness into rediscovering the timeless divine expression of who we truly are. 

So I wrote a book 

In the aftermath of a series of profound and inexplicable encounters—experiences that deeply altered the trajectory of my life—I felt an urgent need to document the rare and miraculous moments I witnessed during my mother's battle with cancer. Initially, these reflections were intended solely for my own eyes. However, as I delved deeper into their significance, it became clear to me that this narrative was not meant to remain confined within the pages of my private journal—it yearned to be shared with others.


I have made it my life's mission to help people transform their outlook on death and grief

After five and a half years of unyielding dedication and steadfast belief in myself, my book Golden Grieving stands as a personal milestone—a fulfillment of my heart’s deepest longing since the day my mother departed from this world. With humility and reverence, I offer to you what I have gleaned from my own journey through the tangled realms of loss and grief. It is my sincerest hope that my discoveries may catalyze your own evolution and contribute to the collective liberation from the enduring anguish that has plagued humanity for far too long.

Your presence in this mission is indispensable, now more than ever

A new world awaits us all—a world where love permeates every situation, alleviating all forms of suffering; a world where we serve our hearts’ true desires, where challenges are seen as blessings in disguise, and where we harness the power to unlock our greatest potential.

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