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Get grief support from Renata

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1:1 Session

In this transformative 60-minute session, we will embark on a profound healing journey to address and alleviate any hardships you may be experiencing. Together, we'll open a container to explore higher perspectives that will expand your awareness and bring solace to your heart. I'll guide you through practical techniques inspired by Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), providing you with invaluable tools for emotional regulation and crisis management, tailor-made to support you through the grieving process. The information channeled in our session will not only be a catalyst for immediate change but will also serve as a ripple effect to continue your healing in the days, weeks, and even months ahead. Consider this session a pivotal moment in your journey toward peace and lasting transformation.


The session includes:

  • Personalized Recording: You will receive a recording of our session to serve as a valuable resource to revisit and draw inspiration from whenever needed.

  • Condensed Voice Notes: I will provide thorough voice notes summarizing the key insights we delved into during our time together, to ensure you can quickly grasp and reflect on the transformative aspects of the session.

  • 72-Hour WhatsApp Access: Enjoy exclusive access to me via WhatsApp for 72 hours post-session. This will allow you to seek clarification, address any lingering questions, or simply receive additional support as you navigate the aftermath of our session.

$150 USD


Hear what clients are saying about private sessions

offering hope in the midst of despair

After the unexpected loss of my husband, I found myself in an overwhelming sea of emotions and unknowns. While books, websites, and friends offered some solace and understanding, none provided the practical tools I needed to navigate my grief. Renata's approach was profoundly personal—she tailored her guidance to my unique needs, instilling in me a sense of hope and confidence in my ability to endure. I felt her genuine empathy as she shared in my pain and offered unwavering support. Thank you, Renata, for truly listening to me, for offering hope in the midst of despair, and for illuminating a clear path forward in my journey of healing."

Ania A.

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